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This 60-90 minute "live-to-tape" podcast features funny and candid interviews, comedy and the occasional angry rant. Ben Hobbs and co-host/writer/producer Dark Mark, regularly challenge the establishment as they examine the news and controversy of the week with wit, humor and irreverence. You can support the show by visiting

In this episode we get to know the man behind the web's #1 resource for all things sports tech. Ray helps us make good decisions regarding GPS watches and power meters, but can he serve man kind in a larger capacity? Also, we talk with Ironman Chattanooga champion Matt Hanson about leaving Maverick Multipsorts and his plans for eventually winning the Ironman World Championship. Is he the sport's fastest runner? Find out what he says.

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In this episode TRS talks about launching his age group club and their partnership with Falco bikes, founded by Binny Tan. Christian Kemp, who rides a Falco V, talks about winning the 70.3 in Austin and what it's like to live and train in Las Vegas. Finally, Barrett Brandon discussed for the first time the tent pissing incident at Ironman Chattanooga. He also answers a few questions about recent USA Triathlon scandal. We end the show with a dramatic reading from the Big Lebowski featuring TRS, Barrett and Kevin Collington.

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Dave talks about the early days of BMX and his rise to fame as an X-games star. Dave talked about winning the Race Across America and hosting the Road Rules Real World Challenge. Then he talked about his love of triathlon and why he plans to stay in the sport for many years. Will he accept a celebrity spot if he doesn’t qualify for Kona? 

Dark Mark challenges Dave Mirra to a showdown at the Green Lakes sprint tri in Central New York. TRS asks Dave if he was an asshole at the Frederik Van Lierde press conference. 


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Has a parody twitter account ever faced off with its subject? In this episode, Andrew talks about how he felt as @therealstarky gained popularity, and how it feels to be an outcast among the pro field. Is it true that he heckled Hector Guerrera at Oceanside 70.3? Andrew describes how Sebastian Kienle runs around naked in the hallway before photo shoots and makes claims as to who is better endowed. Why did he blow up on the bike in Kona? Did Andrew Messick hide Starky’s special needs bag? Did years of recreational drug use give Lionel Sanders an unfair advantage? What is the full story about being imprisoned in Abu Dhabi? Did Lance Armstrong help him get out of jail? Drafting, bad officials taking selfies with Apolo Ohno, clean protocol and more. 

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Tim talked about starring in the pilot eposide of Cupcakes with Cal, his history as a three time Ironman distance champion, and finishing 7th in his Ironman World Championship debut in Kona. Why does he like Jan Frodeno's farts so much? How exactly did the race in Kona unfold? Listen to find out.

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In this episode, A.J. breaks down the beer mile and his career aspirations. Kevin Collington talks about tackling Ironman and possibly Kona next year. A.J. and TRS discuss the Wattie Ink beef and why TRS is an asshole. 

In the second half of the show, TRS interviews a couple of cab drivers, A.J. and TRS run alongside the last place Ironman finisher, Dark Mark vandalizes an inflatable Powerbar Perform bottle, severely injuring himself. The crew meets up with Dave Mirra, Team PIS, and members of Team RWB including Air Force Bad Brad.

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Harry talks about starting 8 events this Kona qualifying period, racing 2 weeks after breaking his back, and qualifying in Japan on the last day. What is it like to train with the Brownlees? Also, listen to his candid answer about the 6 months. ITU ban that cost him a chance of representing GB in the Olympics. 

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A long talk with a legend. Conrad sat down with us at the Huub house and talked to about his career, killing a babboon with his bare hands and eating road kill. Listen in on as Dark Mark and The Real Starky get to know this triathlon legend while consuming about a dozen beers. Conrad might be the most interesting man in the sport. Enjoy!

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Cat was witty, engaging and had some great stories, including one about defending herself from a wolf with a wooden spoon.

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Jan talks about the 2008 Olympics, moving from ITU to longer distance triathlon, and what he expects from himself in his first Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.

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In this eposode, The Real Starky discussed his frustration with a few brands that have decided against making sponsorship/adverstising deals with him. He then shares his excitement about partnering with Huub and their founder, Dean Jackson. TRS goes on a wild rant about hating Roka. Then, TRS and Dark Mark discuss the lineup and interviews scheduled for the Ironman World Championships in Kona.

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Matt Bach won the inagural Ironman Maryland. Because there were no professional triathletes in the field, Ironman has refused to use the word "champion" in any of their written coverage of the event. In fact, they didn't even recognize an overall podium for the event. Only in triathlon...

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