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In this terrific interview the always candid Chris "Macca" McCormack told us where all of the bodies are buried. He went in-depth with regard to the formation of the Bahrain 13 Endurance team and discussed openly and honestly the rivalry with Craig Alexander and the infamous altercation at Masters Swim practice in Cronulla that almost became a fist fight. 

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This was a great conversation with a giant in our business, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Bob broke down publishing, the business of race directing, Ironman University, the future of triathlon, 50 women to Kona and much much more.

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We had the pleasure of talking with the 2005  Ironman World Champion, Faris Al-Sultan the day before the last race of his career (unless he pulls a Brett Favre or "Crowie"). We also spoke to Ironman Florida Champion, Lionel Sanders.

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TRS Radio was live on YouTube for Ironman Texas in The Woodlands. On this episode you will hear high quality audio interviews with Kelly Williamson, Brett from Zen and the Art of Triathlon, Justin Daerr and Chris "Big Sexy" McDonald.

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First Ben's father joins him for a discussion about triathlon in the 80's, "Cup-gate" and bullying by Andrew Messick and the World Triathlon Corporation. Then Ben interviews the Queen of All Triathlon, Gwen Jorgensen

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