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In this episode you will hear and feel what it's like to chase the dream of becoming an Olympian. Joe Maloy has sacrificed a lot over the years, but doesn't see it as sacrifice. It's a choice and one that he is excited about and 100% committed to.

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We also checked in with recently retired pro triathlete and coach, Brandon Marsh. We discuss our virtual training squad concept and the fundraiser for his wife Amy who is fighting cancer.  

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We talked to Helle and her manager/fiance about the interesting dynamic of their relationship and Helle's fantastic race record. 

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  •  A “too terrible for twitter” joke that Mark had second thoughts about, eventually calling TRS begging to have it deleted.
  • Ben tells us who he would punch in the face and why.
  • Ben gets real about the secret to his success in 2014. 

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In this episode Ben interviews Richard Murray, the South African star of the WTS ITU circuit. Richard was the 8th ranked ITU athlete in the world last year and is gunning for gold in the Rio Olympics.

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Prior to the interview Dark Mark and TRS discuss Challenge Dubai, the course cutting controversy, jokes too terrible for twitter and much more.

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