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This 60-90 minute "live-to-tape" podcast features funny and candid interviews, comedy and the occasional angry rant. Ben Hobbs and co-host/writer/producer Dark Mark, regularly challenge the establishment as they examine the news and controversy of the week with wit, humor and irreverence. You can support the show by visiting

First, Ben talked with Lars Finanger about the penalties and subsequent new results at Challenge Dubai yesterdy. 

Then, Jim Gourley talks about his new book about UltraMan titled The Race Within.

Finally, Matt Fitzgerald talked about sevaral of his books including an in depth discusssion of Iron War. 

Bonus content: Matt Fitzgerald tells us about a threesome he had in New Orleans, Jim Gourley gives the dirt about Andrew Messick and then rants about ISIS. This and much more! Access it by donating $1 on Patreon.

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In this episode TRS goes face to face with his nemesis at Lava Magazine. Then, he interviews the CEO of, a company he was recently very critical of regarding their "retailer of the year" award given by Triathlon Business International.

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An entertaining recap of an amazing career that included olympic medals, an ITU World Championship and 2 Ironman wins. 

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