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This 60-90 minute "live-to-tape" podcast features funny and candid interviews, comedy and the occasional angry rant. Ben Hobbs and co-host/writer/producer Dark Mark, regularly challenge the establishment as they examine the news and controversy of the week with wit, humor and irreverence. You can support the show by visiting

You will probably not like this. In this episode TRS and Mark talk about Kona, Roka-gate, Training Mask, Wattie Ink, Team PIS, angry fan mail, Chattanooga 70.3 announcement, Tweets of the Week, Challenge Bahrain, and more.

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In this episode we get to know the man behind the web's #1 resource for all things sports tech. Ray helps us make good decisions regarding GPS watches and power meters, but can he serve man kind in a larger capacity? Also, we talk with Ironman Chattanooga champion Matt Hanson about leaving Maverick Multipsorts and his plans for eventually winning the Ironman World Championship. Is he the sport's fastest runner? Find out what he says.

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