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This 60-90 minute "live-to-tape" podcast features funny and candid interviews, comedy and the occasional angry rant. Ben Hobbs and co-host/writer/producer Dark Mark, regularly challenge the establishment as they examine the news and controversy of the week with wit, humor and irreverence. You can support the show by visiting

Harry talks about starting 8 events this Kona qualifying period, racing 2 weeks after breaking his back, and qualifying in Japan on the last day. What is it like to train with the Brownlees? Also, listen to his candid answer about the 6 months. ITU ban that cost him a chance of representing GB in the Olympics. 

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A long talk with a legend. Conrad sat down with us at the Huub house and talked to about his career, killing a babboon with his bare hands and eating road kill. Listen in on as Dark Mark and The Real Starky get to know this triathlon legend while consuming about a dozen beers. Conrad might be the most interesting man in the sport. Enjoy!

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