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This 60-90 minute "live-to-tape" podcast features funny and candid interviews, comedy and the occasional angry rant. Ben Hobbs and co-host/writer/producer Dark Mark, regularly challenge the establishment as they examine the news and controversy of the week with wit, humor and irreverence. You can support the show by visiting

In this eposode, The Real Starky discussed his frustration with a few brands that have decided against making sponsorship/adverstising deals with him. He then shares his excitement about partnering with Huub and their founder, Dean Jackson. TRS goes on a wild rant about hating Roka. Then, TRS and Dark Mark discuss the lineup and interviews scheduled for the Ironman World Championships in Kona.

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Matt Bach won the inagural Ironman Maryland. Because there were no professional triathletes in the field, Ironman has refused to use the word "champion" in any of their written coverage of the event. In fact, they didn't even recognize an overall podium for the event. Only in triathlon...

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